20 Best Home Automation Ideas
Feb 13

There were days when lights at home were mostly incandescent bulbs which were operated to turn on or off by a different switch. Thanks to the smart home invention. This technology offers a variety of smart options for controlling the lights and other items at home. * Control the lights of empty rooms using motion detectors * Arrive in a brighter home by turning on the lights before your arrival * Lights can be programmed to turn on or turn off at a particular time of the day * With just one click, turn all lights off or have them...

Light Automation Ideas
Jan 22

One of the most commonly used smart products are lights. They are quite pocket friendly and easy to install and use in your house. Most people knows the standard light automation. I put together a few home automation ideas that are related to lights. I hope you will find them interesting. 1. Boost your night rest quality with a smart wake-up light Wake up lights are lights that slowly get started brighter prior to your alarm goes off and you have probably heard of these lights. You can make this really simple by yourself with a smart light. You are...