20 Best Home Automation Ideas

20 Best Home Automation Ideas
Feb 13

There were days when lights at home were mostly incandescent bulbs which were operated to turn on or off by a different switch. Thanks to the smart home invention. This technology offers a variety of smart options for controlling the lights and other items at home.

* Control the lights of empty rooms using motion detectors

* Arrive in a brighter home by turning on the lights before your arrival

* Lights can be programmed to turn on or turn off at a particular time of the day

* With just one click, turn all lights off or have them turned on together

* Automatically increase or decrease lighting based on the sunlight entering into your home

The sources to access music has changed tremendously in the last few decades - vinyl records, CDs, iPods and now streaming music online. With the invention of smart home technology, listening to music have become even better.

* In every room of your house stream music

* Play a different music in different room with a different audio level

* Right from your phone, access to your home’s audio system

* Let the music play automatically when you enter the shower

* Change the lights according to your mood coupled with your favorite music

Whether you enjoy watching movies or tv shows or sports or playing video games. Enhance your experience by integrating home theater system. Combining smart home technology can enhance your home theater experience. 

* Close the blinds and dim the lights as you press the play button of your home theater

* Increase the lights brightness as you press the pause or stop button

* When you arrive home, let the television turn on automatically

* Preset volume levels of your television for children

* Automatically power off your children’s television at their bed time

One of the most important use of the smart home technology is to increase the security and safety of both your family and home. As this technology integrates with your phone, taking care of your house and family will be easier and more convenient. 

* No matter where you are, have a look at your house by accessing the Smart IP Camera or your CCTV installed at your home

* Automate all of your lighs to turn on if there is an intrusion

* Lock your door or unlock it as you arrive/leave your home

* Make it feel like you are at home by creating scenes to protect from attempted intrusion

* When it’s dark or at a particular time, let your door lock automatically

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