5 Smart Home Devices That You Probably Didn't Know Existed

5 Smart Home Devices That You Probably Didn't Know Existed
Feb 27

You have heard and are probably using some or all of the must-have smart devices like smart LED bulbs, smart thermostat, wifi baby camera, wifi doorbell and smart lock. Today, we are going to talk about five devices that uses smart technology. You have probably never come across these gadgets. So let’s go through all these five.


  1. WiFi Ceiling Fan

If you have Alexa at home, this fan can work with Alexa and you can control the fan with your voice. It also works with Google Assistant. For people who don’t have these devices can control the fan through its app from any smart phone. This type of WiFi fans mostly comes with 3 blades and integrated LED light. Price ranges from $200 to $350 according to the make and model.


  1. Smart Mirror

This type of mirror is smart because it has advance features and not because they can get paired with Alexa and Google Assistant or can be remotely controlled from your phone. For women who are too much concerned about pores, dark circles or spots, wrinkles or any other face related problem, this mirror will help proceed towards beauty goals by letting you assess skin’s conditions. Other features include inbuilt Magnifier, skincare tracking and lighting scenarios.


  1. Outdoor Lights with Camera

To a stranger or an intruder, it’s going to look like an ordinary outdoor porch light but it actually has a camera for home security which cannot be seen unless observed keenly. The installation of these lights having camera can be done in less than 15 minutes. Every time when someone is at your door, it will send you notification to your smart phone.


  1. Wireless Shower And Music Speaker

For people who love listening to music while having shower or are bathroom singers, installation of the shower that works wireless and having inbuilt speaker could leave an incredible experience during every shower. The speaker in the shower is synced with your phone’s bluetooth allowing you to play the music of your choice while having a shower. This is not actually something that turns your any appliance into a smart one but this is a great addition if you have already built or are building a smart home.


  1. Smart Piggy Bank

With the launch of smart piggy bank, savings becomes a lot more funnier for your little ones. This is the greatest thing for helping your children learn the value of a dollar. You have to set up chores and goals which you will link to $$$ for your children. It would be real fun to watch your children earn and save money for something they really want. This smart piggy bank is both motivating and educational.

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