5 Strong Benefits of Home Automation

5 Strong Benefits of Home Automation
May 24

The simplest definition of home automation is a system that gives you the ability to control and manage the home appliances and lights at a press of a button. Lock your doors or control the house temperature or schedule your lights or monitor your security cameras - home automation system puts these tedious tasks in the background. Take full control over your lighting and appliances using an app on your smart phone or voice commands using a digital assistant.


A lot of people before considering the idea of home automation would think what’s in it for them? This is the most common objection from people before deciding whether to invest their money and time in a smart home. So here are 5 great reasons for automating your home.


Make your life more convenient

Of course, your life at home is convenient but the purpose is to make your life more convenient and at the same time giving an upgrade to your sweet home. Now, the unique selling point of home automation or smart home is it makes your life much more convenient and easier than what it is currently. Let’s see an example or two of how convenient your life can become.  


It’s dark, you had a long day and you just reached home in your car. Now imagine about the convenience you can get if you do not have to step out of your car to open that garage door as you can open it from an app on your smart phone. Think of an evening you are returning home with your arms full of shopping. So difficult it is to open the door lock in this situation but if the home automation device is installed, that door will open just from a click on an app on your phone.


These were just some basic scenarios. Much more is possible with home automation. 


Increase Security


Who isn’t concerned about security? With the help of a video doorbell, keep an eye on every visitor at your property and you could be a million miles away. By automating your lights using smart light switch you would keep your house safe from intruders while you are enjoying a vacation with your family on the other side of the world. With smart door locks, there is no need to leave spare keys around the door which can be easily found by burglars. Sleep without worries with a smoke and carbon monoxide detector in place. These are just some examples. Home automation could let you do a lot more to keep your property secured without having to spend a fortune on security.




Remote control your devices


You could be anywhere but you can fully control your lighting and appliances using an app on your smart phone. So you have kids and them knowing parents are returning late at night are not going to stop watching television. But if your dumb television was linked to a smart plug, you could check from a distance if the television is on and control it to let your kids know you have an eye on them even when you are not at home. Most of your lights and home appliances can be remotely controlled by linking them with a smart light switch or a smart plug. The possibilities of how you can control them are endless.


Save some money


Home automation technology helps you see how you are using energy. You can understand your energy consumption pattern and by saving energy when it is getting misused, you would be able to bring your energy bills down and thus save some money. If your lights and appliances are controlled by a smart plug or a smart light switch, you can see every light and appliance that is on. If nobody is using them and if they are still on, you can turn them off from an app on your smart phone. This eliminates unnecessary use of energy and saves money.


Environmental protection


With the proper use of home automation system, you will be able to stop misuse of energy by consuming energy only when it is required. This will not only help in reducing your energy bills but at the same time it will reduce your environmental footprint and save the planet. You do not have time to plant trees but reducing your environmental footprint is the least you can do.


Above all, in order to get started with home automation, all you are going to need as a beginner is a smart plug and a smart switch. Good news is these devices are pocket friendly and easy to install & use.

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