Advance ways to automate your house

Advance ways to automate your house
Feb 25

Previously I wrote about basic ways to automate your home. While most people will install and use the basic or day-to-day home automation products at home, there are some who wants advancement. So let’s go through a few advance automation scenarios that I have come across and are practically feasible. 

  1. Vacuuming could be boring and for those who dislike vacuuming, there is an option to do house cleaning smartly. Through Wi-Fi enabled robot vacuum, you get the power to deep clean your entire house without having to spend even a minute holding your regular vacuum. This Wi-Fi vacuum is operated from your phone using Wi-Fi and its application. Installation is not rocket science and you would be able to finish it real quick. Once in use, regardless to where you are, cleaning your house will just be a matter of click on your phone.
  2. If you are concerned about your high energy bill, then Nest’s smart thermostat is your thing. It is programmed to learn your habits. Based on that, it will automatically adjust the cooling or heating temperature and thus save energy reducing your bills. These thermostats can be scheduled which prevents excessive use of energy and you save money. As it will be connected with your home, it will know your location so when you’re not at home, it will adjust the temperature at your home accordingly.
  3. So you have this beautiful landscape but watering it is time-consuming and sometimes you just don’t want to water because you are tired or bored. If you want to free yourself from this responsibility of timely watering your landscape, then you should bring home a smart sprinkler controller. With this system in place, your landscape will be watered without you having to water it manually. Not only that, it can save almost half of your outdoor water use.
  4. How concerned you are about your family’s and your home’s safety? Fire could broke out at your home when you are away but your beloved ones are at home. Technically speaking, there is no system that could prevent fire from happening but there are gadgets that will detect smoke right in the beginning buying you enough time to evacuate your house or inform family members to evacuate if you aren’t home or take some fire prevention measures. One of such gadgets is Nest’s detector. It will connect to your home’s Wi-Fi and delivers quick alerts if it detects something unusual. It’s affordable and is a ‘must have’gadget to be installed at home.


Disclaimer: We do not design, manufacture or sell any of the above advance smart home products. The suggestions are only for the purpose of increasing awareness about home automation.

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