Best Smart Devices For Amazon Alexa

Best Smart Devices For Amazon Alexa
Mar 30

Undoubtedly, the Amazon’s Alexa has turned out to be more than just an ordinary smart speaker. Amazon’s gadgets The Echo, The Spot, The Show and The Dot are more than just a personal assistant. These gadgets from Amazon gives you the power to control many of your home appliances with voice control as all of the smart home devices have become compatible with Amazon’s gadgets.


There are so many smart home devices available that it becomes difficult to identity which product will work to your expectation and which will not. In this article, you will find some of the best and must-have smart devices which are compatible with Amazon Alexa.


Gosund Smart Plug

Smart plugs are the first step in the transformation of an ordinary home to a smart. In the smart plugs category, Gosund product has become the choice of millions of families due to its quality, usefulness and price. There is nothing wrong to say that they are the best smart plugs on the market. Whether you want to use them with your lights or fans or coffee maker, they are going to do wonder. Needless to say, these Gosund plugs are compatible with Amazon Alexa meaning you can control your electronic appliances with your voice.


Gosund Smart Light Switch

Okay, so the appliances that can be plugged into an outlet to work are practically easy to control through smart plugs. But what about those electrical appliances that are hard wired? Should you wish to control such electrical appliances remotely, your only choice is to change your ordinary light switch to Smart Light Switch. Again, we recommend Gosund smart switches - not because it is our product. This product uses your home’s Wi-Fi to work and you don’t have to buy an additional hub to make use of it. The smart light switches are almost double expensive than the smart plugs. Also, in most cases, the installation of a smart light switch will require technical support from the seller. So you need a seller who could back you up with the technical support you will require and the product warranty. There are numerous brands selling smart switches but only if you buy Gosund smart switches, you will experience the difference when you will knock at their doors for assistance.  


Nest outdoor camera

While nobody is at home, security of home could be a pressing matter for most families. Look no further than a Nest outdoor camera when it comes to keep your house secure from unwanted people or intruders. You would have to pay $100 - $300 every year but you get 24x7 full video backup (not just clips), notifications and motion customization. Also, the quality this camera has to offer makes it worth the money it requires you to spend on it.

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