Easy, simple and affordable ways to automate your house

Easy, simple and affordable ways to automate your house
Feb 24

If you have a plan to begin with your home automation, the very first question you need to ask yourself is what at home you need to automate? Once you have an answer to your “what”, you can then search for home automation products. Depending on what you want to automate and how, your home automation can vary from just an installation of a Wi-Fi smart plug to the highly complicated system. 

Here we present 10 simple ways for automating your home: 

  1. The first way is the automation of your lights. This could be as easy as pie. There are numerous advantages that smart lights offer - turning on or off your lights automatically on timers or schedule them to get off or on at a desired time or turning them on when you enter a dark room. From motion sensor to smart bulbs, there are variety of smart home product options that you can control through your android or IOS phone.

  2. Next way would be to automate your electronics, appliances and devices. Most of these items at your home can be automatically controlled through a smart plug or smart switch. These are pocket friendly, gives you the ability to remotely turn on or off your appliances or automatically operate them through your smart phone or put them on timers or schedule them as you desire. The installation and use of these smart products is a breeze. What’s more, you can share the control access with your family to make them enjoy the same smart life as you do.

  3. If you have a baby or pets at home, the third step for you could be the installation of Smart Wi-Fi baby monitor orpet camera. By far, this is the cheapest, easiest and fastest way to take a quick look at your sleeping baby or your pets from your smart phone when you are away.

  4. If your concern is home security or get aware of the stranger knocking at your door or ignore unwanted people, then installation of a Wi-Fi video doorbell is your thing. These types of video doorbells connects to your Wi-Fi giving you the ability to see and speak with the visitor from your smart phone.

  5. You are unable to unlock your front door. Reasons can be numerous behind this. How often this happens to you is the answer to whether you should install a smart door lock. Installing a smart lock is as easy as installing any lock. The smart lock gives you the ability to lock or unlock your door via your smart phone. Not only that, you can receive alerts on your smart phone about general door activity, tamper or forced entry.

  6. You are watching television or gaming or doing any other activity inside your home and all of a sudden a thought will make you run to check if you closed your garage door. This happens with most of us and installation of smart garage door opener is the best solution for situations like this. A smart garage door opener let’s you check your door’s status. Also, you can remotely close the garage door and even open if the need occurs.

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