Future of Smart Lighting and Home Automation

Future of Smart Lighting and Home Automation
Mar 02

Did you ever wonder what we are going to see from home automation in the coming years? Technology for the smart home devices and abilities provided by them is growing and expanding year after year. Thanks to the invention of this technology that has made our life convenient at home and elsewhere. Gone are the days when we had to worry about a lot many things at home related to electrical and electronics. Home automation is rapidly progressing and these devices are becoming essential for the part they play in our homes.


Indeed, these devices are popular due to the comfort and ease they have to offer. For instance, if you have connected your lights with wifi smart plugs, you do not have to remember to turn off your lights when you leave from home. Even if you forget, you can turn them off remotely. The possibilities we used to dream some day are becoming more and more practical as the Internet of Things is enabling things to become smart.


The Internet of Things gives you the skill to manage and control a lot many things at your home with just a click in your smart phone. IoT makes connecting your lights and appliances with the internet. It gives you the access to close your garage door from an app installed in your phone and you don’t have to be even near from that door. It makes your television smart which lets you sit relaxed and your television will play the show on your commands. These are just some of the thoughts about how IoT has changed and is continuously changing our life.


If you ask me about the most popular smart home trend, I would say smart lighting. A variety of smart lighting are already available in the market and new items are introduced regularly with new technology and features. One of the newest invention in smart lighting is the invention of LED smart bulbs. LED bulbs exist from a long time now but they didn’t have the controls located in the fixture itself like these Smart Bulbs. IoT made that possible and ultimately you got the power in your hand as you can not only turn on or off but change their colors or create scenes in you house suitable to your mood. Moreover, it gives ability to your other devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home to communicate with your lighting.


Smart home lighting is just a hint towards the bright future of IoT and its capabilities. Who knows how will the home lighting look like in a decade from now?



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