Google Home Compatible Smart Home Devices

Google Home Compatible Smart Home Devices
Mar 26

In late 2016 Google Home was launched. There were a very few devices in those days compatible with Google Home. Over the years as Google expanded their catalogue of smart home devices, smart plugs, smart switches, smart lights, smart locks, smart thermostat and many more smart devices that supports Google Home is growing rapidly. If you use Google Home, there are so many compatible smart devices available which makes it hard to choose the correct one for your home automation requirement. Here are some of the must-have sort of devices which are compatible with Google Home and also for your smart home dream.


Smart Plugs

Most people prefer to begin with DIY home automation through smart plugs. The convenience, ease and affordability are the reasons smart plugs have become people’s first choice. If you have decided to get one, we would recommend our Gosund Smart Plug WP3. Being sleek in design, having very useful features, durability and affordability, our this plug has become #1 seller. And yes, it is engineered to pair with your Google Home so you can command things just with your voice.


Smart Lights

With the invention of smart bulbs, the concept of smart lighting has become simpler and easier. If you look online, there are a variety of choices available for smart bulbs. From a $15 smart bulb to Hue, you have plenty of options to choose from depending on suitability and budget. The features that these smart bulbs have to offer, your incandescent or normal LED bulb cannot offer. With a single touch on your smart phone or through voice command ask your Google Home to switch your light on or off. One of the greatest features it has to offer is the inbuilt millions of color shades that you can change according to your mood, festival or occasion.


Smart WiFi Switches

If you are even a bit familiar with the electrical wiring structure or one of your family members is, then smart wifi switches is the device you should include in your DIY home automation devices list. Installation of smart switches is going to be techy or tricky. You are probably going to required technical support from the seller while you are installing these switches. Look no further than Gosund Smart Light Switch. Not only you will bring home beautifully designed smart switches but also as these switches works over wifi, you do not require a hub or any additional hardware. Needless to mention, our switches work excellently with Google Home.


Above 3 compatible with Google Home devices are the primary ones to fulfill your dream of DIY home automation. As you will start making use of them more and more, you will start getting plenty of ideas about the possibilities to making your home and life smarter. Once you get used to with the use of these primary smart devices, bring home advanced devices like a smart thermostat or a smart door lock or a smart mirror or a smart doorbell, just to name a few.

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