Gosund WP3 - The Best Outlet For Home Automation

Gosund WP3 - The Best Outlet For Home Automation
Apr 19

Smart plugs are the necessary item for any smart home. It helps you change a dumb appliance to smart. You can switch appliances and lights on or off from any corner of this world. Whether you want to switch your bedroom light off without leaving your bed or you want to check if you left something on back at home when you go out, smart plugs are amazingly skilled add-on to any home. Those on a tighter budget but still requiring a durable product, Gosund’s WP3 is the ultimate choice.


Same like all other Gosund smart products, the WP3 smart wifi outlet gets connected to your wireless network. The benefit of this to you is you do not have to buy an additional hub. All you will need is a strong wifi connectivity.


Setting up the WP3 is a breeze using our Go Smart app. Both Android & IOS version is available so depending on your phone, download the app from Play Store or App Store. Register with the app using your email address or mobile number, connect the app to your wifi and change the name of the plug to a name of your choice after the plug is detected on the Go Smart app. Once the WP3 smart wifi outlet is successfully connected, you can control the appliance connected to it from the app itself. There is an on/off button on WP3 so you can even manually turn the appliance on or off.


Other than the basic on/off control, the Go Smart app has some useful features - Timers and Schedules. Timers are a great fit to switch the WP3 off or on after a set time. Scheduling feature is a good solution for automatically turning an appliance on or off at the scheduled time.


In case if you have smart speakers like Echo or Google Home, you can link your WP3 with these smart speakers to have it controlled through your voice via these smart speakers. WP3 is compatible with IFTTT but it won’t give you the ability to command your appliance through your voice.


For basic control of your smart devices, the Gosund smart wifi outlet is excellent value and a great choice.

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