Home Automation Applications

Home Automation Applications
May 16

There are different types of automation systems and home automation system is one of them. This system is used for remote controlling appliances with the help of various smart devices. The home automation system is used for controlling indoor and outdoor lights, air conditioning, televisions, kitchen appliances, home appliances, door locks, garage doors and so on using various smart devices. There are several types of home automation applications. In this article, we are going to talk about four applications that are for home automation.


RF based system: The main purpose of this project is to develop a home automation system using RF technology. This system consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter is used by the user as a remote control for operating home appliances. The receiver will have a decoder that will decode the command signals sent by the transmitter.


Arduino based system: The main purpose of this project is to develop a home automation system using bluetooth technology. The Arduino based home automation project consists of receiver end at which Arduino board & Bluetooth device are interfaced. The transmitter end, cell phone application is used to send ON/OFF command signals to the receiver. Thus, by receiving these commands from cell phone application given by the user. The loads can be turned ON/OFF remotely using Arduino based home automation project.


WiFi based system: The main purpose of this system is to control various appliances remotely over internet using Internet Of Things (IOT). The smart phone android application with user configurable GUI front end can be used for real-time scenario. The home automation system using android cell phone project consists of various blocks. The touch commands are given from the mobile phone and are sent to the nearby wireless modem using allotted IP. The Wi-Fi module receives these commands and fed it to 8051 series microcontroller interfaced to it. The relays interfaced to the micro-controller through relay driver are operated based on the commands received. Thus, the appliances are operated (ON & OFF) and the status of loads either ON or OFF can be displayed at sending end over the LCD display.


Digital control system: The purpose of the digital control based home automation system is to control appliances remotely using landline connection. The user has to dial a specific number through landline in order to control home appliances. This can be done using landline phone at home or by dialing home phone number from outside.


The most commonly used home automation system is the Wi-Fi based system. A variety of smart devices for home automation that work with the Wi-Fi system are available. They are pocket friendly and you do not need a professional installer. So if you are considering automation project for your own home but do not have enough understanding about how things work, then WiFi smart plugs are the best things to start with.

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