Home Automation Basics

Home Automation Basics
Apr 16

What is home automation?

Home automation is a part of IOT - Internet of Things. People are automating devices and appliances at their homes from years but with the invention of Wi-Fi and IoT technologies, home automation has gotten much more advanced. The imagination of making your smart home has now become realistic. The home automation gives you the ability to decide when an appliance/device at your home should react and when? Depending on your personal preference, you can make your device/appliance work through scheduling them. This home automation technology can notify you about events at your home while you are away by sending you alerts to your smart phone. This technology even lets you control your house lights. You can switch your lights on or off while you are away or make them work automatically by setting timers and schedules. Most of the American homes owns at least one device to automate their home and the use of home automation technology is growing rapidly rapidly.


Home automation technology is based on the idea that communication signals can be sent between devices to make something happen - like pressing a button on a remote control lights or on your smartphone to have a light turn on or off or dim. To make this happens, mostly two technologies are used.


Wi-Fi technology

Wi-Fi technology is the fastest and setup is easier. Normally, set up of the home automation devices that works with Wi-Fi technology is super quick. The home automation devices will communicate with the Wi-Fi router and thus there is no need for a hub or any other interface to be able to use home automation devices. If you have not planned to use too many home automation devices for your smart home dream, Wi-Fi technology could be a good fit for you.


  • Wave & Zigbee
  • Wave and Zigbee uses radio frequency to communicate between home automation devices and these 2 are popular for wireless technology. As Z-Wave and Zigbee are open source technologies, any company can design and manufacture their home automation devices using these two technologies. These technologies will require you to buy an additional hub or other interface for controlling devices from your smart phone or voice control.


Advantages of home automation technology

The devices for home automation brings convenience to your life as it offers you the ability to control and automate appliances and lights at your home. These devices could help you safeguard your house by keeping an eye inside and outside your house through the use of indoor or outdoor cameras that uses Wi-Fi technology to communicate with your smart phone and thus helps you keep tabs at your home even when you are not at home. Effective use of home automation devices will consume less energy and thus you could lower down your energy bills. It also makes your life full of fun as you can create endless automation possibilities. The advantages offered by home automation are marvelous and the importance these devices could add to homes is incomparable.

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