Home Automation Rules

Home Automation Rules
Apr 16

Proper use of smart home devices can definitely help you save some money on your energy bills by switching off things that are unnecessarily switched on even when nobody is using. And these devices can make your property safer and secure too. Lights automatically turning on the moment the front door is open or the smart doorbell or the security camera turns on the light as soon as the motion is detected. This technology exists from a long time, but as the price of this technology devices dropped down dramatically over the past few years, use of these devices has increase tremendously.


Regardless to what you do, home automation should be an addition to your user experience. It should never make something more difficult or cumbersome to do than the non-smart home method. You can replace the light switches with the smart light switches. The smart light switches will also work like a regular light switch and can add on functionality too. While most of the smart switches uses Wi-Fi technology, there are some brands for which you will need a hub and that will add to the cost. If you have never played with the wiring of your wall switches before, then you are probably going to need 15 - 20 minutes to install a smart light switch.


You got to understand that for your smart home project, you are not required to remain with just one brand. You can mix and match smart home devices of different brands as long as they use the same platform for remote use. If you are looking to control your smart devices through your voice, then you got to make sure your smart devices are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. If the devices support IFTTT, better. Consider purchasing products that supports multiple platforms so as to get more options. A great example is Gosund Wifi light switch and Smart wifi outlet.


Do not buy a home automation product just because it is fancy or others you know are buying. Don’t make that mistake. Think about a device or an appliance related problem you would want to fix and then figure it out which type of smart home gadgets will help you solving your problem. Let’s say to save space & some money, you are trying to solve a problem of connecting 2 appliances with one plug. Now, this could be solved if you decide to purchase a 2 in 1 smart plug.


Start on a small scale and grow it gradually as and how you start discovering more about your need and getting used to these devices.

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