Ideas to Make Your Home Futuristic

Ideas to Make Your Home Futuristic
Feb 16

We have been designing and manufacturing smart home tech gadgets for a few years. During these years, we have come across some very best home automation ideas that will make your life easier and smarter. 

  • Setting up timer on Alexa so when the timer reaches your lights will flash. Ideal for situations where your sandwich is getting grilled in your kitchen and you are drying clothes.
  • Schedule your porch lights to turn on at a desired time and turn off as desired also. Using a Smart Outlets(less than $10 per outlet) you can easily automate your porch lights.
  • Synchronizing light strips with the television using Alexa. This could possibly give you feeling of watching movie at a theater while watching your tv.
  • Let your lights blink when your video doorbell rings. This is possible using IFTTT applet. Your Smart Bulb will blink when you have someone ringing your video doorbell.
  • Thermostat automation according to outside temperature. If the weather outside is below or above a certain temperature, automate your thermostat to turn off. This way you save on energy bills by using AC only when it’s needed.
  • Scheduling temperature for saving on energy. Based on what kind of energy plan you are on, you may be in a good condition to save a few bucks by scheduling your home temperature.
  • When you arrive home after a long day at work, you must be often forgetting to lock the door. Currently, we are in the process of designing Smart Lock as we have been asked by at least 200 customers if not more and it’s going to be on shelf in coming weeks.
  • Getting alerts when pets run away. Pets could wander away while there is nobody at home or you are too busy to have eyes on them. Using Arrival Sensor will help you keep tabs on your pets. The next time they leave your premise or enter, you will get alerts by text.
  • Watering your landscape automation. Ever thought about your landscape getting watered? You definitely want to try smart sprinkler controller to water your lawn and plants when and how required. 

Smart home automation ideas could be endless and these are just some of them. If you have ideas and would like to share it with us, please feel free to do so.


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  • Posted by Mufaddal Khety


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