Less than $100 devices for home transformation

Less than $100 devices for home transformation
Mar 19

In the past few years, the popularity of smart home devices has grown rapidly. The reason why these devices have become so popular is the help they provide with everyday problems and life routine at home and work. The best part? Most of these devices are pocket friendly meaning affordable to most people. There are a variety of cool smart home devices available in the market for less than 100 bucks. Let’s go through some important devices today.


Echo Dot

After the recent change in the design, Echo dot looks much better than ever. The makeover gave Echo Dot an improved speaker. Using this device to make calls or play music or control other smart home gadgets is now easier.


Gosund Smart Plug

Needless to say there are plenty of smart plug brands but the brand that got the title of #1 Smart Plug best seller is no other than Gosund. Both models of Gosund Smart Plugs integrates seamlessly with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The newest WP6 model is 16A 2000 watts which helps you pair this gadget with your some high power appliances.


Indoor Camera

Most of these indoors camera sold in the market are available for up to $50 unless you decide to spend more on a brand like Ring. These cameras are totally controllable from your smart phone and you can have a look at your home at any point of time when you are away. Most of these camera have a great night vision and video quality.


Air Quality Monitor

If you are very concerned about the environment inside your home, then air quality monitor is your thing. This device will monitor humidity, carbon dioxide, chemicals and temperature in your home. Pair it with your fans and humidifiers and this monitor will the keep the air in your home how you prefer it.


Smart Device to Find Lost Items

Next in our list of important and must-have smart devices under $50 is Tile. Put it on anything that you can’t just live without and the device will help you instantly locate the item when you have misplace it.


Smart Light Switch from Gosund

Another popular product from Gosund is Smart Light Switch. Replacing your existing light switches with Gosund Smart Switches helps you control your lights and fans both from your phone and voice controlled through Alexa & Google Assistant. Another benefit of these switches is as their design is beautiful, it makes your wall attractive.


Smart Garage Door Opener

With this device installed, you would never have to stress to remember whether or not you closed the garage door. Just check the door’s status from your phone and close it with just one click if you did not close after using. Also, you gets alerts every time the garage door is opened or closed. So even if somebody opened your garage door, you will be informed.

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