Life’s Easy With These Smart Gadgets

Life’s Easy With These Smart Gadgets
Mar 27

Our day-to-day life at our home is full of frustrations every single day if you think about it. Going off of the bed to turn off the light after you are already comfortable on the bed. When it is raining outside, the sprinklers getting turned on. Beeping sound from the smoke detector as the battery is low. But what if there was a way to solve a lot of these issues once and for all? Keep reading then.


Smart technology is the solution to these issues. The devices that uses smart technology can help you fix these problems. Smart devices are equipped with features that are programmed to make your daily routine better, easy and convenient. So let’s have a look at these smart devices for improving your daily routine life at home and while you are away.


  1. A smart plug to control lights

Majority of us have the habit to read a book or use the smart phone before going to sleep. You get comfy and ready to sleep. The bedroom light is still on and the switch to turn it off isn’t around. You have to get up from your bed to turn that switch off and that’s so frustrating when you are too sleepy. The easiest solution in situations like these is to buy smart plug like the Gosund WP3. When you have connected your light with this plug, you can than control your light from your smart phone and even through voice command if you have Amazon Echo or Google Home. Very easy to install and use, these plugs makes your life cozy.


  1. The smoke alarm that alerts

Battery of your smoke alarm can become low during any time and then it starts beeping. How annoying it is when this happens in the middle of the night while you are in deep sleep? When this happens, you either have a choice to run to a 24 hours CVS or just cover your face tight under the pillow. This frustration is enough reason to convinced yourself to buy a smart smoke alarm. This smart alarm will notify you hours before the battery has gone low.


  1. Sprinkler that knows when its raining

In order to keep your yard fresh and green, you need sprinkler. These sprinklers are programmed to automatically water your plants. They will do so even if it’s raining outside and no watering is required. Thus, waste of water. To cope up with this problem, you have to invest in a smart sprinkler that will water only if it is required. The smart sprinkler uses the weather forecast and the watering is done according to the outside weather. This device will save you money by reducing your water bills and thus pay for itself over the time.


  1. A garage door you can close anytime from anywhere

You are driving, half the way to your office and suddenly a thought that whether you left the garage door open enters your mind and that would drive you crazy? You are not in the position to go back to home to close the opened garage door. There is nobody you can ask at home either. The whole day would probably end worrying about that door. What if you knew some magic that could close that door with just some spell. But you are not Harry Potter. So the best solution for this is a smart garage door controller. With the help of this device, you would have the ability to control your garage door right from your smart phone. Thus, that would help you remain relaxed if you forgot to close the garage door. This device is a little bit expensive but keeping in mind safety and relaxation it provides, it’s worth it. 

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