Light Automation Ideas

Light Automation Ideas
Jan 22

One of the most commonly used smart products are lights. They are quite pocket friendly and easy to install and use in your house. Most people knows the standard light automation. I put together a few home automation ideas that are related to lights. I hope you will find them interesting.

1. Boost your night rest quality with a smart wake-up light

Wake up lights are lights that slowly get started brighter prior to your alarm goes off and you have probably heard of these lights. You can make this really simple by yourself with a smart light. You are going to need a dimmable smart light and allow it to steadily increase the light before you get off of your bed. Your sleep quality will improve and the next morning you will wake up fresh.

2. Dimming the lights around bedtime

Now, if you are considering implementing the wake up light, then you must also take into consideration dimming your lights around sleep time Dimming your bedroom lights slowly is perhaps one of the best ways to fall asleep easily. You are going to need either a Smart Light Bulb or a smart dimmer switch if you have to control various lights together.  

3. Let your children know its not wake-up time

A lot of times children will get out of bed way too early and if you have small children then you know this. Solving this and letting your children have a sound sleep is pretty easy with an RGB Smart Light. Set the light to turn red in the early morning (usually when children are likely to wake-up but you still want them to sleep) and set the light to glow green when you want your children to finally get up.

4. When nobody around turn off the lights

Now, this is something you will use in a basement or garage or any other part of your house which is not in use frequently. Often times we fail to remember to turn off the lights in these kind of places in our house. With a motion sensor in place, lights get off if there is no movement detected for 5 or 10 minutes.

5. Automated lights

To set this up, you are going to need a Smart Light Switch or Smart Wall Plug. The lights and the appliances paired with these devices can be automatically turned off or on. Set up the time you want your appliances or lights to turn on or off and they will exactly do the same. The automated lights feature is widely used by people for keeping their house safe from burglars while they are not at home or going to reach home late at night.

6. Turning lights offbut keep a night light for 5 min

This feature of light automation makes me really happy. When I turn the lights off, I keep the hallway light on for 10 minutes. As for me, these 10 minutes are sufficient to check my children are sleeping and finally go to my bedroom. The day usually ends with this feature of light automation.

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