Must Have Smart Technology In Your First House

Must Have Smart Technology In Your First House
Feb 27

Finally, time has come for you to move away from your town and parent’s house and you are moving to New York. As you are moving to a smart city, you are thrilled about the smart technology options you are going to have. If you are able to afford a specific amount of money to spend on house rent, then below are our top three smart home technology recommendation that you must look before renting the house.



A house is incomplete without a smart thermostat. Do not even think about renting a house that does not have a smart thermostat. Energy bills might be included in some houses without smart thermostat. Remember that nothing is for free. The rent you will agree will definitely cover the expense of your energy bills. If you are looking for savings, then settle with a house where energy bills are not included and having a smart thermostat will help you save some considerable money over the course of time that you will spend in that house.



What kind of lights are installed in the property should be your concern to check. If the house still use the old-school incandescent lights, ask the landlord to upgrade all of those lights to LEDs. Energy consumed by LED lights are 8 to 10 times less than that of incandescent lights and thus, enormous savings on energy bills. Also, they last long and they emit minimum heat. Another important thing to consider is that the fixture that can interface with the Smart Life App. To make your house smart, you are going to need devices like Smart Plugs compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant and these plugs work with Smart Life App. Thus, lights and the fixture must be paid attention to before renting a house.



Everyone is aware about the keyless door system which operates with a code. You enter a code (password) and the door opens. Technically, these locks serves the purpose of your house security. But with the invention of smart door locks and the benefits this new technology locks offers make the keyless door system a little inferior. With this new smart technology locks that works with an app, you don’t even need to be near to the door while opening it. Your door lock can be remotely accessed by you regardless to where you are. It lets you see who’s at the door while you are not at home and also gives you the ability to speak with the visitor/stranger at the door. All these right from the comfort of your smart phone. Really smart, isn’t it? To conclude, check if the front door of the property you are going to rent is equipped with this type of lock. If it isn’t, then have that equipped at your expense. After all, your house security is much important than the cost of this type of front door lock system.

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