Smart Devices for Elderly

Smart Devices for Elderly
Mar 30

A lot of people think about giving the advantage of smart home technology to their elderly family members so that their life can get a little easier at home. The aged family members will find it difficult to use smart home technology or the smart home technology may create confusions is the most common concern among the families planning to turn their home into a smart one. As a matter of fact, if the right and the simple smart home devices are selected and installed at home, not only the elderly can start making use of them quickly but will also make them more comfortable at home with their day to day life. So what are those simple to use smart home devices to make your home smart and give its advantage to your parents or grandparents? Let’s have a look.


Amazon Echo Device

With the help of an Amazon Echo device, let your elderly family members make calls from their phones without having to dial number. The benefit of these devices are they just have to say “call my son” or “call my daughter” and the phone will get connected to you automatically. Also, your parents or grandparents would be able to play music or radio just through a voice command. The device like Echo Show will help them have a video chat also when you are away.


Video Doorbell & Smart Locks

Video doorbell and smart lock will give the peace of mind to your parents or grandparents. Every time there is a visitor, they will be able to see who is knocking at the door. Simultaneously, they would be able to talk with the person at the door. This will help them decide whether the door needs to be opened or remain closed. If they need to open the door, they don’t have to walk to the door. Thanks to the smart lock, they can open the door right from a touch from their phone. People who lives in a big house and have elderly people, these 2 smart home technology devices are like boon to them.


Smart Light Switches

One of the most common activities your parents or grandparents would be required to do at the home is to turn on and off their lights or fans. Every time they need to turn a light off or on, they have to get off of their chair or couch or the bed. So troublesome it is for them. Removing the ordinary light switch and replacing them the smart light switch will give them freedom from manually turning a switch on or off. Moreover, if any of the Amazon Echo devices is being used at home, they can control light switches through voice command. Just imagine, how comfortably they would be able to live.

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