Smart Devices for your Airbnb Home

Smart Devices for your Airbnb Home
Apr 16

You are finally making your house ready for Airbnb space. You are thinking about a variety of things you can include to increase value of your space. You are making sure the house has daily use items to make stay comfortable for guests. But with time and technology changing, are you considering the fact that a house equipped with some smart devices will make the guests feel better. At the same time rendering benefits to you as well. So let’s go through the smart devices you can use in your house for travelers.


Wi-Fi Connection

The first thing a traveller will use in the rented room is to connect the smart phone with wifi. Make sure you are providing them strong Wi-Fi connectivity. Weak signal could probably get you a negative rating. Another reason we recommended strong Wi-Fi connectivity is because most devices we are going to suggest in this article uses Wi-Fi.


Smart Door Locks

Smart door lock could turn out to be one of the best devices for an Airbnb rentals. If you are sharing one of your rooms in your house with the travelers, of course, you do not want to hand them over the front door key. You also don’t want to remain up till late night waiting for them to return so that you can lock the door from inside. Having a smart lock installed at the front door should be a win-win solution for both you and guests.


Mobile charging hub

The room you have allocated for rentals might not have enough outlets. So this becomes a real problem when the room is occupied by more than one person. You are likely to make your guests unhappy by not providing them facility to charge their multiple phones at the same time when they need to. So how about providing a USB charging hub inside the room? It won’t cost too much to you either.

Coffee Maker

How many people prefer to drink coffee in the morning? A lot of! A coffee maker is yet another addition into the room for rentals to be able to make guests feel like home. It doesn’t have to be a smart coffee maker necessary but a normal coffee maker with timers and brew strength will do.


Wi-Fi Printer

Not every guest will be a traveller. A lot of them would be on business tour as well. Someone who is out on business would require to print documents and having a printer in the room would be nothing less than a dream-come-true thing for them.



Smart Wi-Fi Switches

Guests forgetting to switch lights off or intentionally leaving them on is a very common scenario. Replacing the regular light switch with a smart wifi switch will help you keep tabs on the lights inside the room after the guests have gone out for the day. Without having to check their room, you can remotely check the on/off status of every light into the room and if any light has been kept on, you would have the control to turn it off just with a click on your smart phone.

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