Smart Home Devices For Apartments

Smart Home Devices For Apartments
Mar 19

Apartments have limited space and you have rented one. You want to convert it into smart but you are probably worrying about that limited space you have got. Also, Inability to customize your rented residence is upsetting. Indeed, there are very less choices for what you can install. Yet, there are a variety of smart home devices available that will fit nicely in your rented property without having to bother the property owner.


There are a variety of smart home devices that can be used in a rented apartment due to their compact size, simple installation, without damaging or changing anything and mobility. The products recommended here may not be suitable to you or you might not have it in the list of your smart home devices but we feel they are a good choice for people living in rentals.


Amazon Echo Spot

The Amazon Echo Spot is compact in size which makes it very suitable for apartments where space is limited. Due to its modern design, it is going to look beautiful whether you put it on a bedside table or a shelf in your living room or a kitchen counter. The default screen of this speaker displays a clock but it can take you through other useful information. The screen is round which makes it perfect to make video calls. This device is not designed for media streaming however if you can use for streaming TV and movie contents.


Amazon Fire TV Stick

This device is ideal in situation where there is little or no space next to the TV set for a streaming set. You can stream directly from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Inbuilt Alexa voice assistant in this device is its biggest advantage for voice controlling. Integration of voice assistant makes this device a much better option for your goal of creating your apartment smart.


Gosund Smart Plugs

Although your space is limited, you would still have lights and appliances like a crock pot and a coffee maker. The most effective and easiest way to change your ordinary lights and appliances to smart is the installation of smart plugs. Gosund Smart Plugs will do just that and you could buy 4 plugs for the price of just $34. These plugs are compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistance and thus these plugs would make your life convenient and smarter.


Indoor Security Camera

Even if you are living in a rented property, its security could be still your concern. In that case, installation of an indoor security camera would give you peace of mind when you are not at your apartment. No permission is required from your property owner as you do not have to drill on the walls or mess with the existing wiring. There are a plenty of options to choose from for an indoor security camera. Keep in mind factors such as video quality, range, wired or wireless and storage before choosing one for you.

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