Smart Plug to turn dumb devices smart

Smart Plug to turn dumb devices smart
May 08

Do you have a voice assistant? Then you know how amazing it is. Just ask your voice assistant to turn on the light or music or radio, it just do it instantly. But if you don’t own a voice assistant and if you still want to have the same luxury at your home, then what you can do? There are a couple devices available that are smart but they are expensive and you don’t want to spend a fortune on smart appliances. So what to do if you wish to control your lights and appliances and you don’t want to spend too much? The solution to your need is a smart plug. It is the quickest way to convert a dumb thing into a smart one.


Smart plugs may look same like the regular electrical plugs but the biggest difference is that the smart plugs will connect to your home’s WiFi. It will work with an app on your smart phone and this app will help you control whatever that is plugged into the smart plug. If you have voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Home, the smart plugs will pair with them too and thus giving you the ability to voice control the dumb devices.


When you connect a device with a smart plug, you have to keep the switch of that device always on. If you have turned off the connected device from the app on your smart phone, the connected device will remain off even if the switch with which it is connected is on. So when you give a command from the phone or a voice command, the app or the voice assistant will send that command to the smart plug and the smart plug would control the connected device exactly as per your command in the app or voice assistant. You can name the devices connected to the smart plugs so it becomes easy for you to identify which appliance is connected to which plug. This is very helpful if you were to use multiple plugs in your home.


At work you suddenly remember that you forgot to turn off a device at home. Now, if that device is connected with a smart plug, you can still turn it off even if you are miles away from your home. At a schedule time at night, you can automatically turn the television off to remind your kids its time for them to go to bed. Get your crock pot to keep your dinner ready so that when you reach home empty stomach, your dinner will be ready. The possibilities of automation with the smart plugs are endless. It depends on your creativity and the end result you want to achieve with it.

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