Smart Plugs Are Creative and You Would Want One

Smart Plugs Are Creative and You Would Want One
Mar 08

For those who have heard about home automation but haven’t started to automate using smart home products, smart plugs are your thing. What are smart plugs? In simple words, a plug that will give the power to control your home appliances the way you want - whether you are at home or away. If you have started thinking about its price, it’s going to cost you less than your lunch. There are numerous advantages that these smart plugs have to offer. Let’s talk about some of them.


Let the smart plug do your morning stuff

How do you start your day? What is that you do first thing in the morning? Turn up the radio or make a cup of coffee or toast those breads? Well, if your mornings are usual as most people, then let the smart plugs change it and begin it in style and smartly. You can schedule every appliance that is a part of your morning routine and let these smart plugs to automatically do what you want them to. As your routine things are automated, you will have time to get yourself dressed better and look presentable.  


Have your hair iron or curlers hot when you want to use them

Mornings of women with family are pretty busy. After doing laundry, making breakfast, getting kids ready and such other routine things, there is hardly some time left for dressing and grooming. What if you could get some help? Say you use curlers or irons to make your hair look perfect but you need to heat them up before you can actually use them. If you have smart plugs installed, they can be useful. Schedule your curlers or hair irons or set them to timers and you can continue with other things without having to give your time to those appliances.


Smart plugs could be helpful to fool burglars

Burglary mostly happen when its dark and that is obvious. People whose house remain empty till dark are worried about safety as their houses are soft target for burglars. People thus spend considerable amount on home security systems to be able to keep their house protected. A house is not getting robbed if a thief sense activities inside the house. You can trick the thieves by remotely switching the lights at your home on and off through the smart plugs. This would indeed give an illusion that the house isn’t empty and would keep burglars away.


Let the smart plug remind your teenager its time to sleep

Gaming is the most common reason among the youngsters to keep them remain up till late. You can set the console to switch off at agreed time. However, it is advisable to agree up on a time with your teenager to avoid issues.


Cook dinner on the way to home

Leave the home in the morning after putting the ingredients for your dinner in your crock pot. Your appliance plugged in into the smart plug will help you turn the crock pot on remotely or automatically on a scheduled time to ensure you have a tasty meal to enjoy when you return home.


Turn every appliance and light off before you fall asleep

Your house is big and you aren’t sure if you remembered to switch off lights and appliances in the different corners. Or else you are lazy enough to go check every corner of the house to ensure everything is off. With smart plugs installed at your property, you get the luxury to check all your lights and appliances right from the comfort of your bed and turn them off if you didn’t.


Above are some basic possibilities to automate stuff through smart plugs. If you are already using smart plugs and have been using them in some extra ordinary ways, then please share in the comments section below.

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