Smart Wedding Gifts

Smart Wedding Gifts
Mar 30

Are you one of those who is looking for a gift to be given on wedding and don’t know where to start? In this article, I have cover some gift ideas that you can gift to newly married couples. Whether they are geek or not, these gifts would help them start a smart life.


Is the the couple you are going to gift already owns a house or are planning? What do you think could be one of the best gifts for new home owners? Ask me and I will suggest a smart thermostat. By gifting this device, you make the couple’s life more comfortable at their home as they would be able to heat or cool their house right from their phone and remotely. Without having to leave that comfort of the bed, the couple would be able to increase or decrease home’s temperature.


The next item I would like to suggest as a gift to be given to a newly married couple is a smart Wi-Fi doorbell. This gift will be a great addition in their life as the couple would be able to keep tabs on their love nest when they are away. The couple would be able to make use of this gift only if their home has a wired doorbell. So make sure there is a wired doorbell prior to deciding to buy this gift for them. In case if they don’t have one, then gift them a wireless doorbell which is battery powered.


Now let’s talk about gifts for those couples who don’t own a home, have no plan in the nearby future and are living in a rented property. The idea is to give them the experience of smart life at home even when their property is on rent. The best gift that would transform their rented property into a smart one is a smart plug. Smart Plugs are cheaper in terms of cost and can make only one item smart at a time. So gift the couple a few smart plugs. In addition to that, if your budget allows, add an Amazon Echo. This addition will make them thank you every single day they will use all of these. As these devices are movable, someday if the couple moves to another rented house or buy their own, the couple can shift the devices to their new nest.


So you are thinking that none of these items will be a good gift as the couple you want to gift are music lovers. No worries, I have suggestion for them too. To music lovers, a smart streaming music speaker could be the best gift. The ‘music-lover’ couple would get the ability to stream music from their phones and enjoy the music. Some of these smart music speakers have Amazon Alexa built-in. So the couple would be able to stream music through voice commands. Just imagine the pleasure of listening to your favorite music from any corner of your home without carrying your phone and plugging earphones.


There are a lot of couples who are techy and enjoys doing DIY stuff. If the couple you are going to gift is one of those, the best thing you can gift them on their wedding is a smart light switch. Installation of the smart light switch is tricky as one must have sufficient wiring knowledge. So let the techy couple play with their electrical wiring to be able to install the smart switches they would have got from you. The money you will spend on these switches and efforts the techy DIY couple will put to successfully install switches is worth the joy the usefulness of a smart light switch will bring to them.

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