Solutions To Automate Basic Day To Day Life At Home

Solutions To Automate Basic Day To Day Life At Home
Feb 28

If you have started to understand the advantages of automating your day to day life tasks at your home, you would have also come across a variety of products sold in the offline and online markets. While automating life at home has become common practice, there are still people out there who are confused as they possess very less or no knowledge for how these products work or how to integrate them into their daily life.


The first and the easiest goal to set if you are thinking about home automation is to automate your lights. Making your existing lights turn to smart lights has numerous advantages. The lights that you were previously able to just turn on and off through a switch will help you to do lot more things. The most simplest way your lights will then make your life easier at home is the ability to control them from your smart phone without having to stand and go to where the switch is installed. For starters, just use this simple feature and you can gradually increase the use as you explore the possibilities. To make your existing lights smart, you are either going to need a Smart Plugs or replace your current light switches with the Smart WiFi Switch.


As you have started using smart technology by converting your lights to smart lights, you should be good to go to the next level of smart technology and that is smart cameras which protects your house 24x7. Your house could be your most valuable asset so technically you should get into making your camera smart first. But given the very less knowledge you acquire about the smart technology, I have recommend switches to begin with. It is impossible to know whats’ going on inside or outside of your home unless you are physically there. Installation of smart cameras serves the purpose. Now, as you have successfully installed smart plugs and switches previously, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to install these smart cameras.


Next step to automate basic day to day life at home is to upgrade the thermostat. Your thermostat needs you to constantly adjust it and that is boring. Replacing it with a Smart Thermostat should be your obvious choice. You then no longer need to adjust the thermostat manually as the smart thermostat is fully controllable from your smart phone even if you are away from your home. This device can remember your inputs and thus learn your habits and adjust the temperature automatically to fulfill your needs. One of the biggest advantages of this type of thermostat is it will help you save money on your energy bills in the long run.


By this time, you have become a geek and are capable of using even advance and complex devices. So you are probably in the stage where you can think about making your front door lock smart and thus making your house security rock solid. Often it happens that you forgot your keys back at your home or somewhere else. When you return at home, you are stuck as there is no possible way to enter your own house. Its a common scenario that people return home with a bag full of items and have no hand to remove the key and open the door. You have a visitor at your doorstep. You haven’t reach home yet and you do not want your visitor to stay out waiting for you to arrive. Situations like these and many more are no longer a problem after a smart door lock gets installed in the front door. At Gosund, we are in the process of researching and designing of smart door lock. We will have this item ready for selling in a few months. To receive updates, please subscribe to our newsletters or keep returning to our website to check our blog page.

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  • Posted by Mufaddal Khety