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Smart Plugs: The First Step Toward a Smarter Home
May 16

An advanced residence doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Smart plugs are an easy and inexpensive choice to transform dumb home appliances, lights and other electronic devices into smart. Smart because you would no longer need to physically turn them on or off. The total control will be from your smart phone and you would be able to do much more than just turning them off or on. Installation and the use of smart plugs is very simple and easy. However, which one is the best for you could be a little difficult when buying. Here are a few suggestions...

Google Home Compatible Smart Home Devices
Mar 26

In late 2016 Google Home was launched. There were a very few devices in those days compatible with Google Home. Over the years as Google expanded their catalogue of smart home devices, smart plugs, smart switches, smart lights, smart locks, smart thermostat and many more smart devices that supports Google Home is growing rapidly. If you use Google Home, there are so many compatible smart devices available which makes it hard to choose the correct one for your home automation requirement. Here are some of the must-have sort of devices which are compatible with Google Home and also for your...