News — Smart Home Devices

Home Automation Rules
Apr 16

Proper use of smart home devices can definitely help you save some money on your energy bills by switching off things that are unnecessarily switched on even when nobody is using. And these devices can make your property safer and secure too. Lights automatically turning on the moment the front door is open or the smart doorbell or the security camera turns on the light as soon as the motion is detected. This technology exists from a long time, but as the price of this technology devices dropped down dramatically over the past few years, use of these devices has...

Which Smart Speaker Is Right For You?
Mar 27

Undoubtedly, you have heard about smart speakers. Otherwise you won’t be reading this article. A couple years ago, you had no option to select if you were looking to buy a smart speaker because only Amazon Alexa existed. It was launched back in the last quarter of 2014. As the concept was fairly new, it wasn’t sure whether this device will find a place in consumers homes. But then it became super successful. Knowing how greatly it has been accepted by the consumers, Google launched Google Home. Apple was the last to join this league.   As now there are...

Google Home Compatible Smart Home Devices
Mar 26

In late 2016 Google Home was launched. There were a very few devices in those days compatible with Google Home. Over the years as Google expanded their catalogue of smart home devices, smart plugs, smart switches, smart lights, smart locks, smart thermostat and many more smart devices that supports Google Home is growing rapidly. If you use Google Home, there are so many compatible smart devices available which makes it hard to choose the correct one for your home automation requirement. Here are some of the must-have sort of devices which are compatible with Google Home and also for your...