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The Gosund Mini WiFi Outlets Are Affordable Smart Plugs
Sep 11

There are smart plugs, and then there are smart-er plugs which generally offer additional features that enrich the experience beyond just remote access. That’s an incredibly important distinction to make these days as the term “smart” is being applied to pretty much everything and in such a broad manner. If a device has internet or mobile connectivity then it’s often considered to be smart. But as convenient as remote controls are, they don’t exactly constitute “smart” operation. Turning an outlet on and off with your phone is great, don’t get me wrong here, but it’s definitely nothing game-changing. But if...

Smart Plugs: The First Step Toward a Smarter Home
May 16

An advanced residence doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Smart plugs are an easy and inexpensive choice to transform dumb home appliances, lights and other electronic devices into smart. Smart because you would no longer need to physically turn them on or off. The total control will be from your smart phone and you would be able to do much more than just turning them off or on. Installation and the use of smart plugs is very simple and easy. However, which one is the best for you could be a little difficult when buying. Here are a few suggestions...