Things To Remember For Home Surveillance Cameras

Things To Remember For Home Surveillance Cameras
Feb 27

A camera installed at your home can help your home and family remain protected. Things to remember when shopping for home camera may vary but there are some common and important aspects to consider. Here are some of those aspects to look at before deciding which camera to buy.


  • Style

Home security cameras are in two styles: dome and bullet. Like their name, dome cameras have dome shape and mostly mounted in ceiling in entryways. To mount on either ceilings or walls, bullet cameras are used.


  • Camera Lens

A camera will be able to cover more range if the lens angles are wider. If your property is big or you are looking to install in your backyard, you must select a camera with wider lens to be able to cover large areas.


  • Night vision

Home security cameras having powerful night vision or infrared makes the view of images obvious when the light is low or it’s totally dark. Areas with poor light are good spots for intruders to strike and in this kind of situation having powerful night vision turns out to be very valuable.


  • With wire or wireless

Security cameras for home are available with wires and without wires. Price wise, cameras that require wiring are typically reasonable. But you need a professional installer to install the camera. Wireless cameras on the other hand can be mount anywhere. Even better, can be moved. But it will require to change batteries from time to time to keep them up and running.


  • Storage

Home security cameras can record images on cloud or memory can be stored in the SD card. Customize the camera to record images only when it detects movement. This will save storage space and battery usage. Recorded images are the most valuable thing when catching intruder.


  • Audio

Two way audio system comes in handy with some security cameras. This feature helps you listen to the sound/voice coming from around your home and it lets your voice heard outside as well. Unusual sound or voice will be enough for you to become attentive.


  • Devices

Ability to use and control the camera from your phone, tablet or computer has a great value. No matter where you go, you will take your home together and thus remain informed about what’s going around inside and outside your home.


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