What is a Smart Plug?

What is a Smart Plug?
May 08

A smart plug is like any other plug that plugs into an electrical outlet. What makes smart plugs different is their ability to connect with the WiFi. No matter what appliance you plug into the smart plug, this ability of smart plug allows you to control that appliance even if you are a million miles away. It gives you the power to control your appliances right from an app on your smart phone or with voice through voice assistants.


A smart plug changes your ordinary home appliance into a smart one. This gives you greater control over your appliances and you would be able to make your appliances work for you as, when and how you want through customization. This is kind of upgrading the IQ level of your dumb appliances like coffee maker, table lamps or cloth iron. While majority of the smart plugs connects with the WiFi technology, there are smart plugs which will need a hub / bridge. Unless you are planning to do something very hi-tech, a WiFi smart plug is worth everything you would expect from it.


Smart plug features:


Helps you control your home appliances remotely from an app on your smart phone using WiFi technology.

Ability to control your home appliances with your voice using the voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Ability to turn the appliances on or off at a set time by setting timers.

Track energy to understand your electricity consumption and thus save energy by fully controlling appliances that are wasting energy unnecessarily.

Ability to switch your home appliances on or off through scheduling. This has a great benefit. You can schedule your light to turn on at a specific time so that you don’t return into a dark home. Similarly, scheduling your lights to turn on or off at particular times when you are enjoying vacation for a few days gives outsiders a feeling that people are at home.

Outdoor smart plugs are for the purpose of controlling outdoor lights such as holiday lights and decorations.


Codes and standards of smart plug is the same as that of the plug receptacle. Some models of smart plugs can exceed the minimum required safety standards. Smart plug can stop working automatically during power surges and other electrical conditions that may harm the appliance that is plugged into it. Average price smart plugs is $10 and they could last literally for a long time if you don’t keep moving them and change the connected appliance often. Outdoor smart plugs will be more expensive.

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