Which Smart Speaker Is Right For You?

Which Smart Speaker Is Right For You?
Mar 27

Undoubtedly, you have heard about smart speakers. Otherwise you won’t be reading this article. A couple years ago, you had no option to select if you were looking to buy a smart speaker because only Amazon Alexa existed. It was launched back in the last quarter of 2014. As the concept was fairly new, it wasn’t sure whether this device will find a place in consumers homes. But then it became super successful. Knowing how greatly it has been accepted by the consumers, Google launched Google Home. Apple was the last to join this league.


As now there are three solid options for smart speaker, you got to choose the right one so that you and your family can use it at home and also use it with other smart home devices. Each of these smart speakers has its own benefits and weakness so which will be right for you depends on how you plan to use these speakers. So let’s cover each of these speakers in depth.


Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is the first smart speaker we saw. Today, it has the largest lineup of smart speaker options including the speakers that has display screen. Echo is equipped with Alexa which is a highly intelligent smart assistant. Alexa is pretty spontaneous and she can answer a lot of direct questions. If you have Amazon Prime membership, you can command her to make a purchase from Amazon or add items to your account shopping list. There are loads of devices that are compatible with Alexa and so does Gosund Smart Home Products. Pairing your smart light switch, smart plug or any other smart device would give you the ability to voice control your lights and other appliances. You can view live feeds from your home camera and wifi doorbell if you have been using advance models like Amazon Echo Spot or Amazon Echo Spot. You can ask your Alexa to dial a specific number from your phone. 


Google Home

Google Home released two years after the Amazon Echo. Google got time to see how Echo was received. Also, they were able to understand the areas where they could improve in design and features. Google Home is advanced as compared to Amazon Echo as it could easily understand conversational language. It can remember the last question you asked and you can take follow up on that question without having to repeat the question. If you are using Chromebooks, Google Smart Phones or Chromecasts, then it’s a smart decision to choose Google Home over Amazon Alexa. But if your core requirement is to voice control your smart plugs or any other smart devices, than the smart choice is to bring home Amazon Echo.  

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