Smart Plug WP3 2 Pack

Smart Plug WP3 2 Pack

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5 Great reasons to buy from us:
Are you tired of getting up to go switch an appliance on/off? Why not get this smart wall plug and do that from the comfort of your sofa? It supports wireless connection via 2.4G Wi-Fi networks (does not work with 5G networks), giving you unrivalled control and convenience. All the work you will need to do is connect your appliance to this smart plug outlet and you are done.

Helps Save Your Energy Bill

Forgetting to turn off appliances is one of the biggest causes of hefty power bills. This wifi plug alexa has an auto off feature that will switch your appliance off when it has not been in use for a while. It is without a doubt, the best wall socket to buy if you are looking to reduce your energy consumption.

Create Preset Schedules

This smart plug google home is designed to make your life absolutely easy and fun. You can create pre-set schedules to get things going even in your absence. With this smart wall plug, you can have lights switch on/off in the morning or at bedtime, or even have your stereo system power on in the evening after work.

Alexa, Google Home & IFTTT

Convert your home into a smart home with these smart plugs that work with Alexa, google home, and IFTTT applets. Simply connect the smart plug alexa to your wireless network and control your appliances only using your voice. The smart wall plugs also work with smartphones running android 4.4 or iOS 8.0 and above.


To enjoy the convenience of smart products, you will need a good smart plug and this is by far, the best wifi smart plug available in the market. It is a quality product with built-in safety features that prevent overloads and electrical fires. It is designed to meet all applicable standards and regulations, and is approved by the FCC and RoHS as a top quality product. You also get a 12-month limited warranty with every smart plug outlet purchased.