Gosund Smart Steckdose  4er Pack SP1-4

Gosund Smart Steckdose 4er Pack SP1-4

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Enjoy complete control of your home appliances right from the comfort of your sofa. This mini smart plug supports wireless connectivity via a 2.4G Wi-Fi network, allowing you to convert your home into a smart home. It lets you turn appliances on/off using your smartphone, and will work with any appliance rated for 1100W max and can work with a max of 10A.
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Helps Save Your Energy Bill

More than just giving you a convenient way to switch your appliances on or off, this wireless plug will also prove to be a great help for saving your energy bill. A smart on/off feature will turn your appliances off if not in use for a while, making this a must-have remote control plug for every home.

Create Preset Schedules

Enjoy an automated life with this wifi wall plug. Preset schedules make it absolutely easy to automate your home by controlling when each appliance is on or off. This is a wifi timer plug designed to offer complete convenience to its users, and it does so just as expected. Definitely worth every penny spent on it.

Alexa, Google Home & IFTTT

Do you own Amazon’s Alexa, or Google Home? Great! You will be pleased to know that these are Alexa compatible plugs, and will give you even more control over the state of your appliances. Simply link your echo dot smart plug to Alexa or Home device and you are good to go. This smart wifi plug mini also works with IFTTT applets.


Get these smart plugs for Google Home and enjoy the convenience of smart appliances at home. Our wireless plug is a quality product made to deliver complete safety to your home. It features great safety features like fire and prevention and overload protection, so you can have peace of mind that your home is safe. It comes with a 12-month limited warranty for every mini smart plug purchased, and is certified by FCC and RoHS as a quality product for home use.