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About Gosund

Founded in 2007, Gosund is an ISO certified R&D oriented business specialized in IOT AI, smart home product design, production and sales having branches in the United States & Hong Kong. Gosund has obtained a number of patents in North America & European countries. Gosund have its own team of research and development, production unit and sales. Gosund has been a professional Smart Home products supplier for World leading companies and has an international standard R&D and quality control system. Now, Gosund has become a professional brand for Smart home products. Gosund supplies to over 30 countries, serving millions of consumers worldwide. As one of the largest companies of  smart home technology and products in the world, Gosund offers a unique experience to its customers by delivering expert advice, customized solutions and world-class distribution capabilities. From smart outlet and smart switch solution to home monitoring cameras and video doorbell systems, we deliver the newest and most exciting product category for home. Our team is comprised of knowledgeable professionals who are dedicated to providing customized solutions for our customers. In today’s competitive market, the experts at Gosund offer insight into the latest trends in the smart home technology space.