Smart Switch For Alexa Google Home

Smart Switch For Alexa Google Home

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Every home needs a lighting system. This smart light switch is designed to convert your lighting into a smart system. It gives you the power to automatically or remotely access and control which devices are switched on/off. The smart switch supports wireless connection via a 2.4G Wi-Fi network and can be controlled via a free smartphone app. It is without a doubt, the best smart wifi light switch if you want complete freedom.

Schedule your lights to turn off or on as desired with smart wifi switch.

Fully Automated Control

Are you a naturally forgetful person, and find yourself forgetting to switch off your electric appliances? Or maybe you do not like coming home to a completely dark home? Our smart wifi switch has a time schedule feature that lets you set a timer that will switch your lights on/off as desired. Simply set when you would like the lights to be switched on, and you’ll never have to come home to darkness. You can also set a timer that instructs the smart wifi outlet to switch off all electric appliances in the morning as you are stepping out.

Share access of the smart light switch with your family.

Share Control with Family

This wifi switch is designed to make the life of every member in your home smart and absolutely easy. You can share access to the smart light switch with your spouse or kids. This feature sets this smart light switch alexa apart from other competing products as it allows others to take control when you are not home.

Use your voice to control the smart switch.

Supports Voice Control

One of the features that makes this the best smart light switch wifi available in the market is that it has support for Amazon Alexa and Google Home. This means that even when your smartphone is not within immediate reach, you can still use your voice to control the smart switch. All you need to do is give a unique name to each wifi wall outlet in your home, and you are all set.

90 days unconditional guarantee makes this the best smart wifi light switch to buy.

Setting up your smart light switch google home is fast and easy. It works with smartphones running android 4.4 or iOS 8.0 and above. Note: Disconnect power before installation. A 90-day unconditional guarantee and a 12-month limited warranty makes this the best smart outlet alexa to buy.

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